2020 Season

In order to maintain a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment for Paddle Club (PC) members, the following rules are promulgated by the Board of Directors and enforced by the Lifeguard on-duty.

1.   Swim or use your own boat/board at your own risk from Dawn to Dusk every day (Members will have open access and are strongly advised to swim or use their own boats with at least one other person) Signed Waiver Required.

2.   A Lifeguard will be on-duty during posted hours

3.   The lifeguard has complete authority to do what is necessary to protect and maintain the safety of the  members,   including the enforcement of the established rules. 

4.   In the event of an emergency, the lifeguard will clear the water of swimmers and waders.

5.   Members shall sign-in and check-in with the lifeguard upon arrival.  

6.   Members may bring guests for a fee of $3.00 per guest, per visit. (The purchase of guest coupons before hand is encouraged)

7.   Guests must always be accompanied by the PCS member who brings them. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests. 

 8.   All members and guests shall  wear bathing suits, including children. Infants must wear swim diapers.

9.   Diapers shall not be changed  on the beach. Parents are directed to have their children use the bathrooms to relieve themselves.

10. Bathing suits and soiled clothing shall not be rinsed/washed in the Pond.

 11. Dogs and other pets are not allowed at the Paddle Club.

 12. Swimming is restricted to the area that extends the width of the beach and distance to the rear  of the raft, but not behind the raft. Swimming beyond the designated area is done at the swimmer’s risk.

13. Swimmers are prohibited from diving or jumping off the  back of the dock/raft and from swimming under the dock/raft. When diving or jumping, always use caution and avoid other swimmers.

14. Tubes and other floating devices are permitted if they do not create a problem or hazard for other members and guests as determined by the Lifeguard.

15. Rough play as determined by the Lifeguard is not permitted.

16. Ball play must be confined to the parking lot, except for tossing in the water, if permission is granted by the    lifeguard.

17.  Use the trash and recycling cans provided to dispose of trash and recyclables OR better yet, dispose of trash and recyclables at home.

18.  No smoking on the beach or in the bathrooms.

19.  Picnic tables are available, first come, first served, unless otherwise notified.

 20.  Parents are responsible for their own children and guest children and must be in attendance at all times with children.

21.  Non-swimming children must be accompanied in the water by an adult.

22.  PCS boats and those in the Club's care are available for the enjoyment of the members when lifeguards are on   duty.

23.  Boats, canoes, kayaks, and paddle boats shall be secured and locked during non-guarded hours.

24.  Life preservers must be worn by children and non-swimmers at all times while on boats associated with the Club or launched from the club beach by a club member.

25.  Private boats may be brought to the Pond along the path by the east side of the beach.  To prevent invasive weeds from destroying our pond, please make sure that all boats are CLEANED before launching.  The hulls MUST be washed with a solution of water/bleach and any vegetation MUST be removed by the owner/operator

26.  Parties are permitted – more than 6 guests constitute a party. Notifying the Club President of the intent to have a party is required five  (5) days in advance of that party. The cost of each guest is $3.00. The cost of an aditional lifeguard during the hours of the party and guest fees shall be paid in advance. Prior Planning for a party is essential for the well being of the participants as well as other members.



The Paddle Club of Springfield assumes no responsibility for the well-being and safety of any persons when the Club is closed from dusk to dawn

The City of Springfield Police Department has been informed that no one is permitted on the property from dusk to dawn.